Martine Humbert-Sturm

Certified Professional Consultant & Coach

Professional coaching for companies

Supporting changes in organizations, helping managers achieve optimal performance, guiding each person towards their right place… These are some of the objectives that we can determine together. Alongside you, I will guide you towards serene management of your activity and your teams. I offer professional coaching for companies and operate in a relationship built on trust and good faith. Leaders, human resources directors, managers, together let’s find the levers that are essential for the smooth running of your organization.
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A partner coach for companies

In the context of a perpetually moving society, companies face many challenges. Adapting, bouncing back, facing various crises… These are the challenges that managers face on a daily basis. My role as a business coach is to enable them to take a step back in order to bring out the optimal solutions for the organization.

Coaching for leaders

Is your email inbox overflowing, your agenda overbooked? Do you have numerous responsibilities and are feeling overwhelmed? It’s time for you to pause and take a step back… Specialized in executive coaching, I will guide you in defining your priorities, your essential tasks, for optimal management of your organization.

Together, we will put into motion the aspirations you have for your company. The challenge of coaching is to enable your organization to reach its set objectives serenely.

Coaching for Human Resources Directors

Are you experiencing increased turnover within your company? Do you want your organization to be prepared to face the increasing digitalization of skills? Do you need to implement a reorganization or other drastic measures? Human resources managers are confronted with frequent and often profound changes within companies. All these changes affect individuals, and it is both for them and through them that this change is taking place.

My role as a business coach is to help you build loyalty among your employees, develop internal mobility and motivate your troops! In short, my goal as a business coach is to ensure that each individual finds their place and can fully exploit their potential.

Coaching for managers

My executive coaching mission consists of supporting you on a specific issue that you have identified. Are you a manager who has recently taken on new strategic functions? My coaching objective is to accompany this career transition. I can also intervene with your team, so that each collaborator understands each other’s position and role.

Do you want to help your teams remain calm under pressure? Are you a new manager struggling to manage your time and afraid of burn-out? Are your employees giving up with you finding yourself unable to motivate them? Call on an experienced business coach to support you.

Bespoke support

Whatever the problem your company is facing, I will intervene through professional coaching, individually or in group sessions.

A personalized coaching

My vocation as a coach is to allow each person, director, HRD, manager, employee, to feel at ease and at his place in his work.

In order to address the challenges you are facing, I will set up a personalized coaching plan. We will work on a wide range of issues:

  • Conflict management ;
  • Career transition;
  • Emotional management;
  • Prioritization of tasks;
  • Stress management;
  • Leadership development ;
  • Self-confidence ;

As such, I offer individual training, adopting the role of a mentor towards those I coach. Given the tendance of horizontal management becoming increasingly present within companies, I also coach people within teams, mindful of respecting the equal status of each team member as an individual.


Advancing in co-development

I am convinced that co-development techniques are a formidable vector for collective success. My role as a business coach is to facilitate the emergence of collective solutions. The team is brought to reflect together to find a way out of a given conflict.

I support the group in finding new ways of communication, new positions. It is through effective and real communication that joint solutions can emerge.

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