Martine Humbert-Sturm

Certified Professional Consultant & Coach

Academic coaching to plan your professional life

The purpose of academic coaching is to make students aware of their strengths and potential, thus helping them make an informed choice for a relevant and fulfilling career path suited to them. I take pride in coaching students and helping them set short-term goals and achieve their long-term career goals.
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Coaching students

It is when our needs, talents, and actions are aligned and in sync that we can achieve success. I offer coaching to students of high schools, universities, and training organizations, in order to accompany them through their educational curriculum and putting in motion their career plans.

My role as a coach is multifaceted in this pivotal period of their lives. I work with them on various issues, all of which have the goal of achieving a career plan:

  • Managing emotions and stress;
  • Preparing for exams effectively;
  • Having the courage to express oneself in public;
  • Optimizing the organization of one’s work;
  • Asserting one’s choices;
  • Gaining self-confidence;
  • Improving communication with those around one;
  • Preparing for job interviews;
  • Reflecting on a career plan;
  • Defining your pathway;

A school guidance coach

Preparing your professional life

Finding a meaning to one’s studies is the main question at the heart of the academic coaching that I provide for students. In today’s digital world, communication takes new paths. In their search for a career path and a job, students can at times feel a little lost and lonely when faced with the infinite possibilities available to them.

I stand by them to help them see things more clearly. As a school guidance coach, I help them prepare for their professional life:

  • Through appropriate questioning, I guide them to become aware of their assets, their strengths, their ambitions and their desires. The challenge is to gain a better understanding of themselves.
  • I give them the keys to formulate their professional objective precisely and consciously.
  • I help them make choices that are in line with their strengths.
  • I help them prepare their presentation, in order to send a clear message to companies.

Opening our minds to new perspectives

Together, we will ask ourselves the right questions: What drives me? What makes me tick? I will guide them towards a path of questioning. I will open their perspectives. Thus, with a new angle of view, they can analyze all possible pathways offered to them and let their curiosity speak for itself.

I have the deep conviction that everything is born from powerful and well-led questioning. The art of asking the right questions is not innate. School or career coaching allows you to take a step back, to take stock, and to think calmly.

For even more effective coaching, I offer my services to school and faculty staff. Hand in hand, we will prepare relevant coaching to accompany the professional aspirations of your students. Let’s talk about it!

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