Martine Humbert-Sturm

Certified Professional Consultant & Coach

Developing yourself to your full potential through coaching

The point of coaching is to carry out powerful work on our inner selves in order to acquire better self-knowledge including identifying assets, strengths and aspirations. Coaching in personal development can help you reach a new situation in your professional or personal life. This is the journey that I propose we take together.
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Individual coaching tailored to your well-being


Reaching a desired situation

Well conducted individual coaching will help you through periods of questioning and doubt. Together we can work on regaining your self-confidence in any area of your professional or personal life.

Through deep introspective work, you will take stock of your situation. The first step of the coaching process is to get to know yourself. Becoming aware of your strengths and real expectations is a necessary step towards finding your place.

I will help you define a solid action plan to reach the goals you have set for yourself. You will then have all the keys to progress through these changes as serenely as possible.

Themes of intervention

I offer support on various themes relating to both private and professional spheres:

  • Regaining self-confidence;
  • Knowing your strengths;
  • Finding a balance between your professional and personal life;
  • Managing your time;
  • Taking a step back;
  • Managing stress;
  • Improving your relationships with others ;
  • Lightening your life and feeling better;
  • Defining your responsibilities and those of others ;

Let’s get in touch to reach your goals!

Towards a successful professional transition


A change of position, company, sector or even career is a pivotal moment in any professional life.

Whether you want to make a radical change towards a new activity or simply evolve, making a successful professional transition is always a gamble. To take up this challenge and find your path with peace of mind, it is essential to engage in effective questioning.

In coaching, we define with precision and lucidity your assets, your skills, your desires and your professional expectations. To do this, we build upon a skills assessment. This tool is a vector of reflection for the construction of your professional project. Thanks to a concrete action plan, we can set in motion your project for a successful career transition.

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