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Certified Professional Consultant & Coach

My story: on the way to coaching

My strength… Listening intensely… Listening to people has always been what drives me. In today’s changing world, I like to help people through these changes. With 23 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and aeronautical industries, I found my fulfillment in personal development. Today, I am convinced that coaching can enable each of us to serenely face the challenges that are thrown at us. I am at your side, to accompany you in this process.

My path to coaching

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From management in the field…

Academically, I started out with a science background before pursuing my studies in business school. Many years later, whilst mother to my first son and working full time, I obtained a Master in Business Administration (Executive MBA). During an international career spanning 23 years, I had the opportunity to work in civil aviation, training 3,000 people per year over a period of 4 years, in theory and practice, on subjects ranging from safety to leadership, in three different languages. I late had the chance to improve my practical managerial skills, doing all the administrative and operational work for my managers and taking charge of international projects in the pharmaceutical industry.

To personal development…

My interest in personal development was really awakened in 2009, when I was faced with the need to put into action an in-depth reflection on the meaning of my professional life. This is where everything really started. I followed the complete MTEC® training program in counselling and personal development for two years. This training is delivered by the “Ecoute ton corps” (Listen to your body) school, founded by Lise Bourbeau. This holistic approach made me understand that it was fundamental to take into consideration the four dimensions of the human being, that is the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By integrating this approach, I not only came to know myself better, but also developed new abilities and understanding in relating to others. That is when I realized that beyond my own development, I had developed a true gift for helping people. At the end of this 1000-hour training, I opened my own practice in 2011. At the same time, I was employed part-time in human resources in a large pharmaceutical company in Basel, Switzerland. Realizing the great potential that existed in the development of the employees, it was only natural that I decided to dedicate myself to the people in this company.

Coaching for companies, schools, and individuals

Today, thanks to all the experiences I have had in my chosen field and the various responsibilities I have had within the companies I have worked for, I have decided to concentrate solely on my coaching activity. I have specialized in coaching for companies, schools, universities, and all individuals who desire support. In accordance with my function as a coach, which is to constantly pursue development, I undertook new training courses in 2020 and 2021. For management coaching, support on your business issues, active listening to your personal aspirations, get in touch!

My coaching style

Whether I am in a one-on-one meeting or in a training session, the wellbeing of those in my company is my upmost priority. I can say that I have the gift of putting people at ease thanks to my spontaneity and my naturalness. I am at times a little provocative in order to trigger a real awareness, but always in a benevolent way. My perfectionist profile pushes me to do my work with integrity and strict confidentiality. I am conscientious and structured, and I pay a particular attention to quality in general. My group interventions during training are fun and relaxed in order to combine the useful with the pleasant and to allow my participants, as well as myself, to leave with a feeling of satisfaction and joy; the contents and events of the day being really anchored and assimilated they can be put into practice immediately. My satisfaction comes when everyone can find the motivation to take actions that allow change and personal development as this will have both a direct effect on the group, within the company, and also in their personal lives.

Certified coach: my trainings

Trained by the International Coaching Institute (ICI) in Geneva, Switzerland and Certified Mastercoach ACSTH – “Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours” accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Certified as a Practitioner by the International Coaching Institute (ICI) in Geneva, Switzerland, an institute created by Alain Cayrol, precursor of NLP in France.

Trained in the use of the Enneagram by the Paul Pyronnet Institute.

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