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Martine Humbert-Sturm,

A professional Coach, near Mulhouse Basel Freiburg im Breisgau

Building a mindful future: This the objective of the coaching sessions I offer. With goodwill and professionalism, I will accompany you throughout your professional, educational, or personal life. My calling: to help you find your place and make choices that are in line with your innermost convictions. As a certified professional coach, I work in the Mulhouse Basel Freiburg im Breisgau area, but also much further afield thanks to digital technology!
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A professional coach to help you grow

Develop your potential

In a context of permanent reinvention, companies are faced with many challenges. The human dimension is essential in this. Working alongside company directors, HR, and managers, I can draw on my years of experience in such circumstances to create brilliant answers for achieving the realization of employees’ potential, the management of professional development, and the creation of an optimal organization.

I am also passionate about helping students in schools and universities reach their full potential. Helping them to identify their strengths, their objectives, and their professional aspirations and working with them to overcome any limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

A personalized accompaniment

I offer personalized coaching to companies, students, and individuals, allowing individuals to discover their talents, to understand and identify the obstacles to their personal or professional development, to develop new skills in line with their deepest aspirations, for their own WELLBEING and for the benefit of their professional organization and family life.

Whether you need corporate coaching, student coaching or simply bespoke support to bring your needs and talents to light, I will guide you step-by-step and help you achieve your full potential.

A partner!

The function of coaching is to share moments of questioning and doubt with a person trained in passive listening (allowing you to work through your own process of analysis), but also in active listening, highlighting the relevance of your words when appropriate and enabling you to see the solution that is best suited to your situation for that moment and in the future …

I am therefore THE partner you need to accompany you, maintaining the framework of your objective, while leaving you free rein in reflection and in obtaining the result!

My mission as a coach: To accompany you so that you can build your future in full awareness and thrive in your professional, social, and family life in order to enjoy life in all serenity, in a spirit of sharing and simplicity.

How I work: my vision of coaching?

Today we have a fabulous tool that allows us to connect with people all over the world. As I have always been very curious by nature, I made the choice to open my mind internationally a long time ago. It is important for me to maintain this aspect of connecting with others. I love people regardless of their culture. And I vow to work with all those (companies, individuals, students, colleges, universities) who share this curiosity.

As such, I offer remote coaching sessions through a video connection.

Of course, I am also happy to travel to do my job as a professional coach in person and we can discuss these different options at the time of the contract.

I work at your side in French, English, or German.

My clients: who are my coaching sessions for?

Coaching for companies

Coaching for companies is a customized, results-oriented support that aims to improve the efficiency of individuals, teams, and organizations. Together, we highlight the levers necessary for your success. My role as a coach for leaders and managers is to give the impetus for change and to achieve an optimal organization.

Coaching for Schools & Universities

Coaching for students in schools and further education allows students to develop skills that their institute does not teach them, such as self-confidence, organization, or communication. It can be even more beneficial when the staff are involved, which is why my coaching and training services are also dedicated to them.

Coaching for individuals

Coaching for individuals is a support that can be offered for their private life, as well as for their career. Regaining self-confidence, managing stress, establishing a harmony between professional and private life… These are the challenges we face together.

Contagious enthusiasm

“Being a rather reserved person, I would not have dared to present my business live without Martine’s support. Thanks to her and her “Networking Community” platform, which invites people to meet and get to know each other on LinkedIn, I took the plunge. I have been attending Martine’s events for several months now, so I was sure to be well supervised and guided. She was present during the preparation of my speech, facilitated my speech during the interview and accompanied me afterwards for the editing and the broadcast of my replay. Thank you Martine for encouraging me to present my passion and for sharing your experience as a coach. Thank you also for your contagious enthusiasm and positive energy.”

Laurence Schmid, Zen Shiatsu Practitioner

A breath of fresh air

“It was thanks to my best friend who, aware of my distress, gave me Martine’s contact information. I wasn’t familiar with the principles of coaching at the time, but I knew that I didn’t need therapy, but rather someone who could help me open my eyes to my qualities and my great capacity to be the master of my life, in short, to regain my self-confidence. Objective achieved! The sessions with Martine were a breath of fresh air, with moments of laughter, tears, unfiltered exchanges, but above all, real awareness. A pure moment of happiness every time. Martine, you are a wonderful person! Thank you.”

Céline L.

Structured and motivating coaching sessions

“Stuck at home, instead of spending time with my friends at university because of Covid, my work rhythm and organisation were completely upset. After a few structured and motivating coaching sessions with Martine, I was able to create new landmarks, create new links, communicate differently, and put together a diary with clear weekly goals. Very quickly, I found myself sought out by other students as I had become a source of motivation. As a result, I made new friends, I met my goals, and I brilliantly passed my first year at university. Thank-you Martine, for helping me notice and highlight my talents! “

Léa, student

Constructive and very positive exchanges

“After some bad luck at work, I decided to return to my studies. Through one of my peers, I was lucky enough to be put into contact with Martine. From the first session, I was completely won over. The constructive and very positive exchanges happened in faith and goodwill. Thanks to Martine, I was able to rebuild my self-confidence and find a new professional challenge that suited me. Thank-you Martine for your attentive listening and precious questioning. “


Professional, dynamic and positive

“In a particularly difficult professional context for me, Martine was able to immediately establish a climate of trust and was a real facilitator by allowing me to identify essential points. Martine is very professional, dynamic and positive, caring and attentive. She knew how to find the words necessary for my development. Moreover, thanks to her Networking Community sessions, Martine allowed me to make decisive meetings for my career. Thank you Martine, it was a very nice meeting. I highly recommend it!”

Nadia M. Procurement Manager

A very friendly and pleasant moment

“I had the honor of participating in the first webinar dedicated to coaches organized by Martine. On this occasion I was able to present my equicoaching activity to the people present. Martine immediately put me at ease, the organization was done quickly, everything was fluid as I like. It was a very friendly and pleasant moment. I strongly invite coaches who want to get to know each other and create a network to participate in this event! I got new subscribers on LinkedIn after the webinar video was broadcast and my business is growing little by little. I thank you again for this moment of listening and sharing dear Martine and I hope to see you soon!”

Julie Daltroff

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